What is The Dauntless Author?

—> A place for aspiring and newbie authors.

Writing is a solitary business, and we can have the most supportive partners, parents, and friends, but none of them really know how to support us. They can’t really relate. They don’t understand the anxiety and precision that goes into each page and every sentence of our stories. They don’t know the vulnerability we feel each time we press publish, or the imposter syndrome that undoubtedly rears its ugly head now and again. They can’t fully understand our high and low points because they have never done what we have done, no matter how much they wish they could.

That’s what I want to be for new authors - the cheer captain. That’s what I want to provide - the cheer squad to celebrate our successes with and hold each other up when we’re disappointed and frustrated. And so, that is the community I have created.

  • It's a mindset and permission to shrug off your fears, prioritize your passions, and commit to writing the book you've been daydreaming about.

  • A coaching and writing community to help new authors quiet the noise and information overload with curated resources and advice.

  • A series of storytelling workbooks, simplifying the writing process by breaking it down into manageable pieces, making it easier for you to write your novel.

You are in the right place if you:

  • want to write a book, but don't know where to start

  • struggle with goal setting and follow-through

  • want to learn more about my process and story craft

  • struggle with fear, overwhelm, or self-doubt

  • need help staying focused

  • would like digestible, manageable advice

  • are interested in my personal experience so you can learn from it


That’s me! Greetings from Northern California.

I’m a new and aspiring author coach by day and soul-stirring fiction author by night. I've been writing and publishing for over a decade, and the more readers inquire about my storytelling and publishing experience, the more I want to help aspiring and new authors follow their dreams of writing - their experience doesn’t have to be as chaotic and full of self-doubt as mine was.

What should I expect if I subscribe to The Dauntless Author Substack?

Here’s the gist…

Each month I focus on a different topic related to authorship and writing - whether it’s mindset, industry, or craft related.

I send out a series of Tuesday emails that include:

  • Writing Wise - A quick hit of wisdom and writing inspiration for the month

  • Wish I’d Known - My reflection and personal experience on the topic

  • The Breakdown - A reader question + answer breakdown

  • Monthly Challenge - a mindset, prompt, or something to consider for the month’s topic

Some posts are available to the public, some are exclusively for paid members.

Also included is a monthly Q&A breakdown on a topic requested by paid members. Members will also get access to The Dauntless Author workbooks and resources.

Other housekeeping…

If you want to learn more about me and my stories, you can check out my author website.

Or learn more about The Dauntless Author here.

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Want to dive deeper? Be part of a like-minded community of aspiring and new authors, navigating the overwhelming and ever-changing book and publishing industry. If you are interested in joining the conversation, check out The Dauntless Author Story Forge, an exclusive writing community with daily access to me and other authors in the same boat as you are, where we talk storytelling and all things book business + mindset related. Or if you’re interested in 1:1 coaching, you can learn more at

What writers are saying about The Dauntless Author...

"It was informative, inspiring, and truthful. I’m so excited for it!" - Makayla, aspiring author (The Story Forge Writing Community)

"I felt like you were there walking me through and guiding me on everything as if it was a one on one session. The constant reassurance throughout it was chefs kiss. It helps you stay on track ...without the stress and sense of doubt." - Amanda, aspiring author (Story Simplified Workbook

“It breaks everything down into smaller, manageable pieces that actually make sense to my brain. I have been a fan of Lindsey Pogue’s writing for years- her rich immersive worlds, relatable characters, and seamless storytelling. I am so excited to learn more from her, and be part of the community she has created! – Sabrina (Story Simplified Workbook)

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Writing coach by day, soul-stirring fiction author by night. Helping new authors quiet their self-doubt and overwhelm with mindset tips, curated info, and my take on all the nitty-gritty in between.


The Dauntless Author

Writing coach by day, Dystopian Fantasy author by night. I help newbie and aspiring authors quiet their self-doubt and the overwhelm inherent in writing with mindset tips and curated news and resources for writing and publishing.